8001483                          2.5Lt        POA

Also available in LR grade.

Other pack sizes available, please ask for details.

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EINECS                                        200-580-7

CAS                                              64-19-7

UN                                                2789, 8, II


Molecular Formula                 C2H4O2

Molecular Wt.                          60.05

Assay                                          >99.85%

Maximum level of impurities

Non-volatile substances          0.003%

Formic acid                                 0.05%

Permanganate time                   2 hrs min

Arsenic                                         1ppm

Heavy metals                              0.5ppm

Chlorides                                     1ppm

Sulphates                                    1ppm

Iron                                               0.5ppm

Water                                           0.15% w/w

Aldehydes                                   0.005% w/w

Lead                                              5ppm

Mercury                                       1ppm

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