0001478                    500g       £15.63

0001478A                2000g     £60.81

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EINECS                                        201-069-1

CAS                                                5949-29-1

UN                                                 N/A


Molecular Formula                    C6H8O.H20

Molecular Wt.                            210.14

Assay                                            >99.7%

Water                                           8.0-8.8%

Maximum level of impurities

Chlorides              5ppm

Iron                       3ppm

Oxalic Acid           100ppm

Sulphate ash         0.05%

Heavy metals      5ppm

Arsenic                  1ppm

Lead                      0.5ppm

Mercury               0.55ppm

Calcium                30ppm

Sulphate               100ppm

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